Segmented tubes in Photoshop
Photoshop Tutorial

Here is my Version of the ever popular Segmented Pipes. A staple for interfaces.Enjoy


by Colin Smith

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Create a new layer and make a retangular selection.


Select the linear gradient tool and the copper gradient.


Drag from the top to the bottom of the selection, you now have a copper pipe.


For this excercise we want a chrome pipe, so suck all the color out by going Shift+Ctrl/Cmd+U to desaturate the image. Or select desaturate from the menu.


Now to make it more shiny chrome, open our famous curves box and use a similar curve.


And we now have a shiny Chrome pipe..


To add the segments: Create a new layer and draw a 2 pixel line in black.


Duplicate the layer and press Ctrl/Cmd+I to invert the color, press the right keyboard arrow key 2x to nudge the white line over. Change it to overlay mode in the layer mode menu.

Link the 2 lines and merge linked.

Alt/Option+Shift and drag the lines to duplicate them along the pipe.


Here is a finished one with some color added by using hue/saturation with the colorize box checked.