3D Perspective Grid
Photoshop Tutorial

Here is a quick little tutorial that will teach you how to produce a grid that seems to be on a plane. This is a similar effect to what was used on the movie Tron. Remember that anyone? Oops, I'm dating myself. It seems this effect is back on it's way in again.


by Colin Smith

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You could draw rules and lines all over the page to produce this effect. But let me show you a quicker way!

We will first make a pattern. Create a new document the size of the squares you want in your grid. Be careful to check transparent for the contents. If you don't, nothing will show behind your grid.


Select all Ctrl/Cnd+A

Now got to Edit>stroke, select your color and enter the settings as shown in the picture.


Now we will save our new pattern. Edit>Define Pattern. I called it umm.. grid. You now have it saved and you can use it as often as you wish.


Create a new document. Make it however large you want your image to be.
Fill with black. Create a new blank layer and open the fill dialog box by: Edit>Fill or press Shift+Backspace. Under contents use custom pattern, select our little grid that we just made.


Hit Ok and wow, imagine that? We have a tiled pattern that just happens to be our grid. You could stop right here if you wanted, or go a little further into the world of 3D!


Press Crtl/Cmd+T to bring up the free transform tool. Now Cmd click on Mac, or right click on PC and select perspective. Grap the little box on one of the bottom corners and drag out from the image.