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zone system for digital photographers, shooting and metering


Real Word Digital Photography - 2nd Edition
Katrin Eismann, Sean Duggin and Tim Grey

Recommended 3rd Party Plug Ins:
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3rd-Party Plug-Ins. You install these filters into the Plug-Ins folder in Photoshop and then they are available from the filter menu. These filters can do some amazing things. Some create wild and crazy effects while others are improvements on functionality that’s already in Photoshop. Here is a small sampling…

Makers of Black box which was one of the first Photoshop Plug-Ins. Alienskin make the popular Xenofex and other special effect plug-ins. They also make some useful tools for production and photography including a Film Grain faker for digital Photographs (Exposure).

HDR Soft
Makers of Photomatix for HDR - use Code photoshopcafe to save 15%

NIK Software
Makers of fine quality Filters for Photographers.

Andromeda Software
Especially well know for halftone filters including the cutline filter. Similar effects to what you in the Wall Street Journal.

Auto Fx makes some really good special effects in the DreamSuite series. They also have the Mystical Lighting and Mystical tint filters that add atmosphere to images.

Keepers of the Kais Power Tools. Originally developed by Kai Kruise of Meta Creations, credited as the first maker of Photoshop Plug-Ins. KPT still has a cult following.

Now own most of the ex-Extensis filters such as mask pro and Photoframe. They have Genuine Fractals, an image resizing plugin.

Fluid Mask is one of the best tools around for extracting an image from its background.

Pixel Genius
Good Plug-Ins for Photographers.

Digital Anarchy
Plug-Ins for use with Green Screen and backdrop design

The Plugin site
A great source for free plug-ins. Also features some of the lesser known manufacturers.

Flaming Pear
Flaming Pear make some interesting terrain and texture plug-ins.

Xaos Tools
Natural media and painterly filters.

Makers of 3d plug-Ins for Photoshop Extended. Model [in], Foto [in] and LIVE 3D [in], allow you to create 3D models right inside Photoshop. You can then deploy them in your images or output interactive 3D PDF files without much prior 3D knowledge.

They make a Photoshop Plug-In that allows you to send large files over the Internet. You enter an email and upload the image. The recipient gets a link to download the file.

Media Lab
Makers of Plug-Ins that turn your designs into interactive websites.