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Photoshop CS5 New Feature Videos

By Colin Smith

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New in Photoshop CS5  - Content Aware Fill
One of the most amazing tools in Photoshop CS5. The Content Aware Fill replaces a selection with the background texture of a Photograph. Join Colin Smith as he shows you this magical tool that changes everything.

New in Photoshop CS5  - HDR PRO (High Dynamic Range)
Colin Smith first cuts through the hype and explains what HDR really is. Then discover the new HDR functionality in Photoshop CS5. There is tone mapping and the killer feature, “De Ghosting.” Truly amazing


New in Photoshop CS5  - HDR Toning
For those who are looking for the HDR “effect” without all the hard work, there is the new HDR toning. Colin Smith shows you how to use it and also makes you aware of some pitfalls. He then goes nuts and shows you how to create a cool work of art.


New in Photoshop CS5  - Puppet Warp Tool
The puppet warp tool can be the craziest, most fun tool you have ever used. Your host, Colin Smith, explains what practical uses there are for this tool and proceeds to totally ignore them and just has fun with it.


New in Photoshop CS5  - Natural Brushes
Colin will show you what the new natural media brushes are all about. Learn how to create a work of art from a photo using the “not much skill required” mixer brush. This one will have you dying to try out these tools.

New in Photoshop CS5  - Repossue 3D in Photoshop

The easiest 3D tool you have ever used. Reposse makes it so easy to turn anything into a realistic 3D object. Colin Smith walks you through the basics of extruding some text and then applying a brick texture to it.


New in Photoshop CS5  - Cutout and Refine Edge
Perhaps the best tool in Photoshop CS5? You be the judge. Colin Smith shows you how easy it is to create high quality cutouts. He takes a photo of a woman and then removes her and places her into another photograph. So quick and easy!

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