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I'm very happy to bring you the new Creative Suite 4 launch site.

I am very thrilled to bring you this free resource. PhotoshopCAFE is known for being the first to break news and reveal new Adobe products with the most in-depth reviews and videos. This time around, I was able to enlist a dozen of the world's top experts to contribute to this resource. Look around the site, find out all about CS4. Everything you see on these pages are available in a 70-page downloadable PDF. Just Click here anf hoin our list. You will receive the PDF and also be on the list for future issues of Creative Studio CAFE (Free quarterly publication), exclusive discounts, news, tutorials and tips. We only send an occasional mailing and don't share our list with spammers.

Do you want to really learn these products for working pros? Keep your eyes out for new Training Videos on CS4. Many of our contributers are working on Exclusive PhotoshopCAFE training videos to raise the bar on your training!

We launched this site the day Creative Suite 4 was announced. Now that the product is shipping, I have done a cleanup of the design and added more content. We now have reviews, walkthroughs, tutorials and videos of all the major CS4 products.

Click the links to the left to navigate the pages and don't forget to visit our forums where thousands of friendly people are waiting to talk about digital imaging, photography, art and gear.


Photoshop CS4 Videos

Exclusive Interview with John Nack - Principle Product Manager: Photoshop.

I was recently at Adobe Headquarters and managed to catch John Nack for an interview. John is the principle Product manager for Photoshop. John was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his busy day (Actually he gave me about an hour). Thanks John!


Read Up on the Extended features of CS4

Whats in the Suites?

See a Grid of all the Suites and CS4 Products


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