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Photoshop CS3 Launch


Photoshop CS3

CS3 videosBy Colin Smith

PhotoshopCAFE is please to offer you this launch site for CS3. You will find reviews, articles, tutorials, tips, videos, discussion forums and links to all the important places including the download site at Adobe Labs. This Microsite is an open community service from the free resource for Photoshop users. Please feel free to contribute!

So what’s new in Photoshop CS3?

Native Universal.

CS3 actions

The engineers at Adobe Systems have been really busy this product cycle. Extensive work has gone into the core programming and Photoshop CS3 is now natively supported on Apple’s, Intel based machines. This means a vast performance boost from previous versions. CS3 also supports Microsoft’s Vista operating system and takes advantage of some of the 64 bit capabilities.

New Interface

Photoshopcs3 layoutadobe ps cs3 toolbarCS3 now supports a new interface that’s slick and intuitive. Don’t worry, things are still in the same place, more or less. Photoshop is now dressed in collapsible Palette Panes. The palettes can be docked, minimized into icons (click on image at left for full view) or dragged out of the panes to perform the way they always have. This new interface really maximizes screen real estate and lets the application get out of the way of your work. The toolbox can now be displayed as a single column or the standard 2-column for those of us who resist change.

We have new enhancements to the full screen mode (F key). There are now 4 modes:

  • Standard: The default view
  • Maximized: The pasteboard fills the window and the document is enlarged to the maximum possible size without being covered by any palettes.
  • Full screen with menu: Hides the Status bar and fills the screen with the pasteboard
  • Full screen without Menu: Same as previous but without any menu at the top. (This is sometimes called the “presentation mode”.)

As always, press the TAB key to hide the palettes, but now scroll to the edges of the screen and the interface will elegantly slide out, awaiting your interaction.


The startup time has been reduced, the brushes respond quicker and the interface is more responsive in this version.
Photoshop CS3 performance on intel

Adobe Bridge 2.0

Adobe bridge 2Bridge 2.0 is shaping up to be a really cool tool to say the least. It has a new dark gray interface and the first thing that you notice is that there is a camera-like LCD display showing all the camera EXIF data such as shutter speed and exposure settings.

If you shift+click you can display multiple images in the preview similar to Lightroom. Click on the preview window and you will see a rectangular loupe. Click Cmd/Ctrl++ or – to zoom in and out with the loupe. There are new filters for sorting images and faster searches and image-Adobe bridge 2sorting.

Check out the “Get Photos from Camera” which makes it easy to import images from a digital cemera into bridge.

As well as the expected Image previews of PSD, tiff, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, ai, eps etc we can now preview swf files from Flash. Even the interactive parts work in Bridge 3.0. You can also preview FLV (Flash Video) including the sound. Intergration is a beautiful thing!

>Next Photoshop CS3 Features


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Beta. See our Launch site.

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